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Engineering Technology

Our product development work includes designing, rapid prototyping, and reverse engineering.


Our development & design department uses the most advanced CAD/CAM softwares including CATIA(IBM) that is available to assure proper prototype build and manufacturing intent. We also can work with customers sketch of products, blueprint, model, or CAD file.

Rapid Prototyping

We uses the most advanced technologies to produce solid, 3-dimensional part replicas. These procedures replace manually carving and sculpting models, and typically one day (rather than 1-2 weeks) to complete. As a result we are able to quickly and efficiently produce parts and maintain tolerances within thousandths of an inch. Besides, our innovative RP(rapid prototyping) equipments is the most advanced one in the world.
* RP equipments: Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Quantum, FDM 3000, CHEMVAC-90S(Vacuum mold manufacturing machine) and CNC(CNC Machining Center)

Reverse Engineering

The most common application occurs when an exisiting part, without a CAD model or drawing, needs to be reproduced or modified. 3D laser scanner(Surveyor 2030) and 3D surveyor(Impact ¥±)'s scanning capabilities capture the geometry of a part completely and accurately.